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The Budget Sidekick Journal is the first volume of the Budget series. It is a guided budgeting resource that helps you create a concrete plan for managing your finances & holds you accountable to your budgeting goals.

It provides you with everything you need to better understand your relationship with money & how to improve it through a daily budgeting process.

💡 Daily thought-provoking, informative & actionable content

⏱ 5 minutes a day

This Budget Sidekick Journal is a 5-month budgeting planner & tracker.The Budget Sidekick Journal has a follow-up journal, the Budget Mastery Journal that includes 1 year of budgeting and tracking. The Budget Mastery Journal is sold separately.


Each journal is a coach, accountability partner, & teacher in one. They combine all the best elements of every budgeting journal out there and are ultimately the most comprehensive guided budgeting process you'll ever use because it is built to hold you accountable to your budget on a DAILY basis.

⚡️Curated Content

Each day you'll get new bite-sized, actionable content that you can apply immediately to improving the way you approach your finances.

👫External Support

Enjoying a healthy source of outside accountability to keep you inspired & receive the information/knowledge you need.


Track your budget with all the essential metrics. Become conscious of benefits you're realizing even when they start feeling normal.


Details matter. Our journals are built with a beautifully crafted 100% vegan cover that’s textured to the touch in a canvas-like material.

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