Boldly Bound: An Action Journal for Self-Love and Body Confidence

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Boldly Bound: An Action Journal for Self-Love & Body Confidence is a 36-day guided journal to increase your confidence and love the body you're in.
What could you do in the next 36 days to Boldly Be(come) the version of yourself the world has yet to experience? A new workout routine? New hobby? How about, instead of the usual things, you try a little bit of everything new, while creating an opportunity for your mind and your body to connect through reflection, manifesting and action.
For the next 36 days, Leadership Coach Hollis Kam will guide you through his 5 Techniques of Self-Love & Body Confidence. However, this isn’t just a journal for writing, it’s also about taking action through daily rituals. Enjoy a journey that will get you to be open about who you are, finding new things you love about yourself and the things you will learn to embrace.
This action journal is your HELL YES to the world! YES, you are worthy!
YES, you are enough!
Hollis C. Kam blends his worlds of being an Human Resources Executive, Leadership Coach and Body Positive Advocate by improving both the life and careers of people willing to view confidence as a skill. In his 20 years of contributing to the HR industry and through 24 years of Arts Management, Hollis has served leaders, career changers, entrepreneurs, and body empowerment clients as they endeavor to make an impact in our world.
He partners with individuals to develop desired new skills, change self-defeating habits, improve personal performance, and overcome obstacles that are preventing them from growth. By enlightening their mindset of who they are and what they have to offer, his clients experience first-hand the power boost an increase in their confidence can provide.
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