Bodyweight Home Workout Journal

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The Bodyweight Home Workout Journal is a 13-week HOME workout program to help you get the best home workouts of your life! The only equipment you need is your very own body!

💪 65 guided workouts
2️⃣ Workouts target 2 muscle groups
⚡️ Built for lifters of all levels
⏱️ Each workout takes 45-60 minutes
🎯 Clear number of reps to aim for
🔥 Pyramid-style workouts
📖 Detailed exercise index
✅ No thinking required


📖 Step One: Learning
Starts with a 50-page crash course on the science & principles behind getting real results from using your bodyweight for lifting & nutrition.

🎯Step Two: Following the Workouts & Tracking Your Progress
Each day you start, familiarize yourself with the exercises for each day's workout & simply follow what it tells you to do. After each set you complete, write in the number of completed reps.

🍿Step Three: Weekly Content
Every week you get content aimed at keeping you motivated, challenging you to prepare & find better ways to increase intensity, & increasing your understanding of how to get the best results.


Built with a 100% vegan cover that’s textured to the touch in a hearty, canvas-like material.

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